Sunday, May 22, 2011

God is on the move

Excerpts from conversations about God:

"But first, Christ has to come. And He is. He's coming fast and He's coming strong and he's winning my heart. Who am I to have God pursuing my heart? I was so so bad to Him this year, and I don't even have lack of knowledge to cover it. I knew. I knew the God I was turning my back on. And I did it anyway. I let it get so so bad. To the point that if I could have been happy without God, I absolutely would have been gone for good. I had forgotten what it feels like to look at God. To be with God. To trust God. To have peace. And joy. The kind that comes with knowing that nothing can take it away. How did I ever forget? And what if I forget again? But I trust Him. This moment, this week, this so big. It's life-changing. It's pivotal. It's beautiful. And it's overwhelming."

"I understand the crying/smiling thing. If I wasn't so tired, I'd probably be dancing around. But it's great, because there are times I consciously make myself focus on Christ. Or times that I see Christ, and focus on Him, but there's always something tugging at my focus. But right now, it's really just God. I'm not even having specific thoughts. I'm just overwhelmed by God and it's good. The only time I ever ever ever want to happy cry is because of God. I think the Spirit makes you cry. And when the Spirit is there, when God is present, there really aren't words. There's just love and praise and so so so much thankfulness."

God is on the move. Which is always true, but He's letting me in on it this time. And it's beautifully overwhelming. I couldn't be more thankful, or humbled.